TOP 10 Very short haircuts for 2016

A short hair cut does not insinuate one particular cut because the length of different very short haircuts for 2016 differs. These hairstyles are flexible, and with some additional color, you can spot a feminine and chic hairstyle.

The length of these hairstyles is in different categories, and they include.


Super short haircut

When considering a super very short haircut for 2016, you’ll need to be confident before deciding to have one.First, you’ll have to pull your hair back and visualize how you’ll look with shorter hair.

Oval shaped faces will fit well with this haircut while a face with a long, full shape, a long short hairstyle would be suitable.


Jaw length haircut

Very short haircuts for 2016 are characterized by being longer on the sides with bangs and layers.These hairstyles are perfect for fine hairs as they will make them look voluminous and fuller.

However, the haircuts are not suitable for diamond shaped faces for they can accentuate jaw lines.



The above are some of the different categories of very short haircuts 2016.One thing to note is that short hairstyles are making a comeback with a versatile and fashionable chic collection.





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