10 Types Of Very short haircuts for men

There are some alternatives when it comes to short haircuts for men. Fundamentally, these kinds of very short haircuts for men are easier to maintain and adored by many men. However, it can get tedious if you are accustomed to the same traditional haircut.

Therefore, if you are tired of either overgrown very short haircut styles for men, then you may want to consider a short haircut. Below are some ideas you can try in your quest to finding a perfect style that works for you.


Crew Cut

This is also referred to as the military cut. For this haircut, the hair on the back and side is cut very short, but the crown is trimmed into a short and flat crop. This style is easy and cheap to maintain, and it is ideal for men who are looking for a simple look.

To add flair to it, you can treat the edges of the crown hair to a spiky cut look.



These are short cuts that are made using a razor. In this case, a razor is used to give a closer shave. To add more style, you can add two side cuts on each side of the head.

This is the easiest type of haircut regarding maintenance and ideal for summer.


Faux Haux

If you are the kind of an individual who thinks that Mohawk is too edgy, then you may want to try Faux Haux; which is low-toned Mohawk. Essentially, the hair on the sides is trimmed down whereas the middle hair is left longer.

Finally, it is gelled forward and upwards.


Short Front Spiky Haircut

If you like a spiky haircut, but think it a bit edgy, this would be an ideal very short haircuts for men. For this hairstyle, the hair around the back and sides is trimmed short, and then the crown is left longer.

This head hair is then cut into a tapering look, leaving the longest hair near the forehead. The hair is then styled using gel in an upward manner.


Stylish Layered Hairstyles

If you love Justin Bieber or Zack Efron, then you can use very short haircuts for men to come up with your layered hairstyle. This kind of style works better with thick hair. First, you need to cut your hair into thick layers, with several side bangs, leaving the hair on the back slightly longer.

Then style these bangs sideways, followed by cutting several strands into a tapered style and left in front of the ears. Finally, run a razor on the edges to give a sleeker finish.

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